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New York,US
4:40 am, July 4, 2022
temperature icon 67°F
L: 56° H: 72°
Feels like 66 °F clear sky
Wind gusts: 5 m/s
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 5:30 am
Sunset: 8:30 pm
Humidity 50 %
Pressure1019 mb
Wind 5 m/s

Public Notices


Architectural Review Board Meeting 06-28-2022

Public Notice

Architectural Review Board Meeting via Zoom

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the Architectural Review Board of the Village of Kensington will hold a Zoom meeting on TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2022 at 6:45 p.m. to discuss the following applications:

29 ARLEIGH, HEDVAT (Kensington Developers Grp.), also known as Section 2, Block 221, Lot 66-70 (Subdivision of the subject property conformed into two single family homes)

87 ARLEIGH, ZHANG also known as Section 2, Block 229, Lot 3 (Driveway)

41 NORTH, YOU also know as Section 2, Block 352, Lot 23 (First floor addition to the front left of the house and adding a 2,262 square foot second floor


If you would like to call in for the public meeting, please call the number below @ 6:45 pm.

Meeting ID:  889 5597 2698

Passcode:     350847

Dial by your location:
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)




Andrea Dennett, Chairperson

Joyce Cheung, Co-Chairperson                                                                                                  Architectural Review Board

Dated:  JUNE 27, 2022

Zoning Board of Appeals Zoom Meeting 06-29-22


Kensington Board of Appeals

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Kensington Zoning Board of Appeals will conduct a public hearing on June 29, 2022, beginning at 6:00 p.m. to consider the following applications:

David Hakimian – Applicant seeks to construct an addition of a bedroom and bathroom, new windows, siding and a new terrace for premises known as 6 Beverly Road, Great Neck, New York.

Haroun Kahen-Kashi – Applicant seeks to install a standby emergency generator in the front yard of premises known as 18 Arleigh Road, Great Neck, New York, and designated on the Nassau County Land and Tax Map as Section 2, Block 218, Lots 24-28.

John & Maria Kalafatis – Applicant seeks to install a driveway and rear yard parking area of premises known as 75 Arleigh Road, Great Neck, New York and designated on the Nassau County Land and Tax Map as Section 2, Block 229, Lot 331.

While this public hearing will be open to the public, there will be no “in-person” attendance at Village Hall.  If you would like to participate in the public hearing, you may join through the Zoom App.  When prompted, please enter Meeting ID: 847 3724 7099 and Password: 410127.  You may also call +1 646 876 9923, Meeting ID:  847 3724 7099.  All interested persons will have an opportunity to be heard. The meeting will be recorded and later transcribed.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the applications are on file at the Village Hall and may be inspected during daily business hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Anna Nardiello Deputy Clerk – Building Department


Rules & Ordinances

Auctions, Tag and Garage Sales and other Public

Notice of any public sale must be given in writing to the village clerk at least 15 days prior to the date of the sale. Limitations and restrictions on public sales such as tag and/or garage sales as well as auctions should be reviewed in the village code book, prior to planning the sale.

Boats, Trailers, other Recreational Vehicles,

Outdoor storage of boats, trailers, recreational vehicles and unlicensed vehicles is prohibited for more than ten consecutive days.

Clearing of Snow and Ice, Construction Debris, or Landscaping Debris.

Snow, ice, construction debris, or landscaping debris removed by the homeowner or someone working for them, may not be placed in the street, on the sidewalk or on the property of a neighbor. All such material must be contained within the homeowner’s own property and within the hedge line.

Condition of Private Property.

Houses and property must be properly maintained. Yards must be kept clean and free of garbage, building debris, litter, accumulation of brush shrubs and weeds and excessive growth of vegetation. In addition, each property owner is responsible for maintenance of the grass, hedges and other plantings located in the boundary between the owner’s land and the street, and in the easement between properties. Grass must be trimmed regularly, and hedges must be cut to regulation height and be kept free of weeds and saplings.

VIllage Trees In Grass Strip

Trees located within the grass strip in front of the hedge line are village trees. Village trees must be maintained in a healthy condition and kept free of weeds, and watered. The homeowner is not responsible for the trimming or removal of village trees when such is necessary. All other trees on the homeowner’s property are their sole responsibility for care and maintenance.

Dogs and Dog Noise

Dogs may not be allowed to run loose or disturb the peace. They must be curbed at all times and owners are subject to “pooper-scooper” requirements. Dogs must be maintained in such a manner as to prevent any noises which may disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood

Noise Ordinances & Quiet Times:

Work which is attended by loud or disturbing noises can be performed Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Construction work is not permitted on weekends. Professional lawn maintenance can be done Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m and on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Burglar and fire alarm systems must be maintained in a manner that will prevent their continuous operation for a period in excess of thirty (30) minutes.

The use of amplified music after 11:00 p.m. on Friday or Saturday nights is prohibited.

Professional Offices:

There are restrictions pertaining to the use of homes and accessory buildings and property. Check with the village code for specific applications. In general, however, the only home offices allowed are for the homeowner licensed under the Education Law of the State of New York to practice medicine, osteopathy, physiotherapy, dentistry, podiatry, psychology or chiropractic.

Solicitation Within the Village.

Residents who do not wish to be visited by organizations with licenses to canvas or solicit within Kensington must send written notification of this fact to the village clerk. Their name and address will be placed on a list of residents provided to the organization with the agreement that they will not be visited.

Traffic Laws:

The speed limit throughout the village is 25 m.p.h. Parking on village streets is prohibited between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a. m. Parking on the streets of Kensington at other times is limited to two hours, except in certain marked areas where parking is prohibited at all times. Cars should not be parked with wheels on the sidewalk or grass strips. Trucks and commercial vehicles are prohibited from traversing all east-west streets except when making deliveries within the Village.

Village Documents

Find meeting Agendas, Monthly Police Reports, Minutes of the Board of Trustees, Budget and the Storm Water Report here.

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